Which airport should I arrive at to start the adventure?

To participate in our adventure you must arrive in Morocco at Er-Rachidia Airport.  There are daily flights from Casablanca, a city well connected internationally, which makes it easy for you to arrive from anywhere in the world.

Do you need help preparing for the trip?

Flights to the adventure starting point in Errachidia are not included in our services.  You can arrange your flights directly with a trusted travel agency, but don’t hesitate to contact us if you need additional information or specific assistance.

For more details or to resolve any questions, complete our contact form or send us an email to info@patrolodyssey.com.  We promise to respond to you as soon as possible.

Can we book additional nights before and after the adventure?

Of course, if you wish to extend your stay before or after the adventure, we will be honoured to assist you in arranging additional nights.  Simply let us know your plans and we will take care of all the details to ensure a smooth experience.

For more details or to resolve any questions, complete our contact form or send us an email to info@patrolodyssey.com.  We promise to respond to you as soon as possible.

When will I receive detailed information about the event program?

We will send you a complete and detailed “Final Information Pack” one month before the start of the event.  Additionally, to keep you informed and prepared, you will receive emails with general information about the event from your registration date.  These emails will include essential details and helpful tips to ensure you have a smooth and satisfying experience.

Which documents are required to participate in the event?

It is essential to complete certain paperwork before beginning your adventure to ensure a safe and compliant experience.  At the beginning of the event you will need to sign the following documents:

Vehicle Rental Contract: This contract establishes the terms and conditions under which we provide you with the vehicle for the event.

Liability waiver form: An important document detailing the responsibilities and risks assumed by participating in the event.

Data Privacy Form: This contract ensures the protection of your personal data, in accordance with current privacy laws.

These documents are essential for your participation in the event and must be signed to ensure your understanding and agreement with all relevant policies and procedures.

What type of luggage should I bring with me?

We suggest, for your comfort during the adventure, that you bring luggage that is flexible and not excessively bulky.  Since we will be travelling and changing accommodation constantly, ideally suitcases or bags that can be easily loaded and unloaded from vehicles.  In addition, you must take into account that luggage space in the vehicles is limited, so efficient and compact luggage will be your best ally.

What type of clothing or equipment should I bring?

We understand that preparing your luggage for an adventure like ours can raise a few questions.  We will provide you with detailed guidance in our “Final Information Pack” on the type of clothing and equipment you should bring.  This information will reach you a month before the event and will include specific suggestions adapted to the weather, planned activities and any particular travel needs.  We will make sure you don’t forget anything essential to fully enjoy your experience with Patrol Odyssey.

Do I need a visa to enter Morocco?

It is important to remember that each participant is responsible for complying with visa, passport, health and customs regulations required to enter Morocco.  These requirements, logically, may vary depending on your nationality.  To obtain updated information and carry out the necessary procedures, we advise you to inform yourself with the authorities of your country and the corresponding Moroccan embassy or consulate.

We strongly recommend that you check the validity of your passport, ensuring that it is valid for at least six months from the expected return date of your trip.  This is standard practice for international travel and is crucial to avoiding inconveniences during your adventure with us.

What insurance is included?

We include full insurance coverage to ensure your peace of mind during your adventure.  Our insurance package includes:

Health Insurance: To protect you against any unforeseen medical event that may arise during the trip.

Rescue and Medical Repatriation: In the event of a serious emergency, you will be covered for rescue and, if necessary, medical repatriation to your home country.

Third Party Vehicle Insurance: We insure all our vehicles against damage to third parties.

Each of these insurances has been carefully selected to offer you extensive coverage adapted to your needs.


What 4×4’s do we offer? Can I choose one?

The vehicles we offer are of the Nissan Patrol model.  We usually have the following models in our fleet:

Nissan Patrol rd28 3 door
Nissan Patrol rd28 5 door

We invite you to select your preferred vehicle.

How many 4×4’s will participate in the adventure?

We focus on small groups to offer a more intimate and personalised experience.  We generally limit our groups to a maximum of 5-6 vehicles and a group of about 10-12 people.

How do the Tourism Mode or Classic Raid work?

At Patrol Odyssey, we strive to offer a unique, high quality experience, always maintaining flexibility and a personalised approach.  For this reason, we have developed two different styles for our events:

Tourism Mode: In this mode, you will follow a guide vehicle that will accompany you throughout the trip.  It is ideal for those looking for a relaxed and guided driving experience, with the security of always being accompanied.

Classic Raid Mode: This option is for the most adventurous.  You will drive independently, following a reference track on the GPS.  You will have the freedom to explore and navigate on your own, experiencing the true essence of a raid.  Although you will be driving alone, our rescue team will always be nearby, and on the most challenging stages, the whole group will stick together.  Don’t worry, during the welcome briefing we will explain all the details so that you are fully prepared and ready for the adventure.

Can I get lost in Classic Raid mode?

If at any time you feel disoriented or lost, there is no reason to worry.  Our support team is always at your fingertips, thanks to the location and satellite communication with which our vehicles are equipped.  At any time and in any circumstances you can contact us.

For greater safety and ease of communication, all our vehicles are also equipped with UHF/VHF radios.  This allows you to maintain direct contact not only with our support team, but also with the other vehicles in the caravan, facilitating mutual assistance between participants.

We provide you, for smooth navigation, a tablet with offline vector digital maps.  With this tool, you will be able to track your exact location at all times, even in the most remote areas, ensuring that you always have a clear reference of your position.

In short, with Patrol Odyssey, even if you’re exploring unknown paths, you’ll never truly be lost.

Will I have to share the vehicle?

Our adventures are generally designed for two active drivers per vehicle.  If you register for just one event, we will assign another person to share the vehicle with you, evenly distributing the driving time between you.  However, we offer the option to reserve the vehicle exclusively for you (single driver option) for an additional fee.

What if My Travel Companion Prefers Not to Drive?

At Patrol Odyssey, we understand that each adventurer has their own preferences.  If you’re travelling with a partner who prefers not to drive, this gives you the opportunity to enjoy double the time behind the wheel.  Meanwhile, your companion can enjoy the beauty of the landscape and the excitement of being your co-pilot and navigator.

Our prices are calculated per person, based on double occupancy of each vehicle.  The idea is that driving is distributed equally between both occupants, alternating roles so that each one enjoys half the time as a driver and the other half as a navigator.  However, if one of you prefers not to drive, we can easily accommodate this preference to ensure you both fully enjoy the experience.

What type of insurance do the vehicles have?

All our vehicles are insured with third party coverage.

How are incidents or emergencies handled?

In the event of any incident, be it an emergency, a mechanical breakdown or even a puncture, you can be sure that you will always receive assistance.  Our support team is always nearby, ensuring that even if you are driving alone, you are never truly alone, even in the most isolated and remote areas.

On our most special adventures, we have the presence of a qualified paramedic.  This professional is prepared to provide immediate medical assistance, ensuring a quick and effective response in the unlikely event of an emergency.

Do we need to provide a deposit for the vehicle?

Yes, at the beginning of the adventure a deposit of €1,500 per vehicle is required.  This amount will be refunded in full after the conclusion, providing the vehicle has suffered no major damages.

How much is the liability in case of total loss of the vehicle?

The liability in case of total loss of the vehicle is 6.000 euros.


How will transfer from the airport to the hotel at the destination be arranged?

We will pick you up at the destination airport upon arrival and will also provide return transportation to the airport at the end of the event, coordinating it according to your departure time.

In what languages does the event take place?

The main language used at our events is English.  However, our team is also fluent in Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese and Dutch, which allows us to efficiently assist participants of various nationalities.

What type of accommodation can we expect during the event?

We always select the best accommodation available in each destination to guarantee a high quality, comfortable experience.

What will the food be like during our Adventure?

We understand the importance of fully immersing yourself in the culture of the country you visit and that, logically, includes enjoying its cuisine.  On our adventures, breakfasts and dinners are an integral part of your experience and are included in the accommodation packages.

During the stages, we offer simpler food options in picnic format, perfect to enjoy while you are en route.

It is important to note that drinks are not included in our restaurant services.


What do I need to know before travelling to Morocco?

Morocco is a country rich in culture and history, known for its hospitality and diverse landscapes.  Morocco offers a unique travel experience, from the vibrant cities filled with souks and medinas to the serene Atlas Mountains and towering dunes of the Sahara.

What information will I need?


The climate varies depending on the region and the season of the year.  It is advisable to review the specific weather forecasts for the area you will visit during your adventure with us.

Currency and Payments:

The official currency is the Moroccan Dirham (MAD).  While credit cards are accepted in many urban areas, cash is still essential, especially in more remote locations and at local markets.


Arabic and Berber are the official languages, although French is also widely spoken.  In tourist areas and large cities, it is common to find people who speak English and Spanish.

Safety and health:

Morocco is generally safe for travellers, but we always recommend following basic safety rules and being cautious in your surroundings.  As for health, you should review the recommended vaccines and carry a small first aid kit for basic needs.

Driving in Morocco:

Driving in Morocco may be different than what you are used to.  Our adventures are designed to be safe and accessible, even for those with less experience in off-road driving.

Culture and traditions:

Morocco is known for its rich culture and traditions.  We encourage you to explore and respect local customs for a more authentic and enriching experience.


How do I sign up? How can I book?

Complete the Pre-reservation Form: Start your adventure with us by completing and sending the pre-reservation form available on our website.

Reservation Confirmation: Once we receive your form, we will verify availability and confirm the status of your reservation as soon as possible.

Final Registration and Terms and Conditions: After confirming your reservation, we will send you the final registration form along with our Terms and Conditions.  It is important that you read and understand these documents to ensure that you are fully informed about all aspects of the adventure.

Personalised Support: Our team is always available to answer any questions you may have and help you finalise your reservation.  Please feel free to contact us at any time if you need additional assistance or have any further questions.

Can I create a personalised, Group or Individual, adventure?

At Patrol Odyssey, we specialise in creating bespoke adventures, designed exclusively to your preferences.

Customise your trip to suit your taste:

You have the freedom to customise every aspect of your Morocco adventure.  From choosing the destination and plotting the route, selecting the vehicle, defining the driving program, the level of adventure, the activities, the type of accommodation and the size of the group… everything is in your hands.  Whether you’re looking for a unique individual experience or a special group adventure, we can make it happen.

Start your adventure:

Contact us to start planning your ideal adventure.  Fill out our contact form, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible to start shaping your experience.

Where can I find the cancellation policy?

To learn about our cancellation policy and other terms and conditions relevant to your adventure, please visit the link below.  Here you will find all the detailed information and guidelines that govern our travel experiences.

[Enlace a los términos y condiciones]

We recommend that you review these terms carefully to be fully informed of our policies before booking your adventure with us.

How can I pay?

We offer flexible payment options to make your booking experience with us easier.  You can make your payments through:

Bank Transfer: A secure and efficient option to process your payment directly from your bank account.

Credit Card: We accept credit card payments for your convenience.

Please note that all payments must be made in EUR (euros).

When do I have to make payments?

To guarantee your place on our adventure, it is important to follow a specific payment schedule, detailed below:

Initial Deposit: After receiving confirmation of your registration, a deposit will be required, which normally corresponds to 25% of the total price of the event.  This first payment secures your reservation and allows you to start planning your trip with peace of mind.

Balance Payment: The remaining balance of the event price must be paid 90 days before the event start date.  This payment completes the booking process and confirms all the details of your adventure.

Confirmation Invoice: Both the deposit and the outstanding balance will be reflected on your confirmation invoice.  This invoice provides a clear breakdown of your payments and helps you keep track of your inclusion in the experience.

Specific payment terms, including dates and amounts, will be clearly stated in your order confirmation.  We recommend that you review these details carefully to ensure that you meet the established deadlines.